Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bolt Action - Army Group North KV-2

I was able to purchase a KV-2 as Vincent was still working out the molds for final production since he opted to remaster them. I went online and I could see the changes he did and they are just A+!

The KV-2 will be used as a captured tank for my German forces. I did some research to ensure this was something reasonable before adding it to my forces as a captured tank. What I liked about this tank was the fact it was a a heavy howitzer in a heavy tank with a flamethrower option and a rear mounted MMG...sure expensive for 300 points base for a regular tank but well worth it IMO.

The KV-2 what a beast!

KV-2 next to a Die Waffenkammer Panzer IV G

KV-2 nex to a Warlord Puma

Some bonus scenery Vincent sent to help out at the tournament. I had to putty some of the air bubbles from the mold.

Woodland emplacements....very nice!

If you have never ordered from Army Group North, let me simply say give Vincent the buisness! His molds are of very good quality and I had no issues with the model itself or the assembly. The rungs on the tank was a bit of work as I drilled out the holes to make it easier to attach them but otherwise the kit was a snap to assemble and a must for any German player looking for a cool captured tank or a Soviet player wanting to blow up buildings and units in a single shot! 


  1. The KV2 is a dangerous tank.... Heavy howbitzer says it all.... :)

    1. Add the flamethrower and you have a tank that is an utter terror! 3d6 Howitzer hit or a 2d6 flamethrower hit with a pair of MMGs to dish out some extra love!