Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bolt Action Scenery Update

Well the tournament is two weeks away and I am still hammering out some extra scenery as we may have to 16-18 players if everyone shows. So that works out to 8-9 tables. I'm excited and a bit nervous about this as I want it to be an A+ event that everyone will enjoy and want to start attending more local tournaments and make the larger gatherings as well.

So here are a few shots of what I just finished up the past few days....

This wall is from Army Group North. Vincent is working on a scenery line but nothing is offical yet on his website. This wall is resin, there was several air pockets but I can also tell this is an early prototype as they are not released yet. Still a little green stuff and  clever use of flock as moss worked out well. I just primered it a flat grey, a quick dry brush and ink wash then added flock!

Here again is the second wall. I tossed in a few SS that I am working on to give you an idea of scale.

Another item from Vincent from AGN. I really liked the fallen logs they was quick to paint and very eye catching.

The second log defense.

The last log defense.

I finished 8 road strips. These are just my first round prototypes and I wanted to get something quick done. I may go back and modify these later to something more workable at a later time. Namely to trim the edges flat so they join easier with tape on the back side. Each are roughly about 10 inches long give or take some.

These was made both simple and cheap. I bought a pack of 3 cutting mats from t he Dollar Tree cut them in half and then marred the edges so they was not straight cuts. I added white glue and sand for texture then a quick black primer. I bought Apple Barrel paints (a dark brown and a ivory color for highlight) and did a quick base coat with the brown and then a dry brush of the ivory with a large brush (I do mean large like a paint brush). Then added flock to the edges to give them more of a defined detail.

Here is my Warlord Puma on the road,

Here is the Panzer IV G by Die Waffenkammer on the road.

Again, I simply just plan to tape them together and lay them down on a table to make some quick roads. Not every table will have roads but I do want variety. I think at least two or three will have roads.


  1. I think the roads look good. Quick and effective. Maybe you could do one or two pieces that don't have the grass all the way along each edge, so that it could serve as a join in a crossroads or T intersection?

  2. Thanks guys, I think I will go back and cut the rounded edge away to a flat edge. As for the crossroads, maybe on the next round I will buy a new set of cutting mats and do a crossroad.