Friday, May 10, 2013

Robotech Kickstarter - Heading in for a Landing! 10 Days to go!

Well we have only 10 days left on the Robotech Kickstarter! So, I figure I would drop my thoughts and predictions on this one as this is my second Kickstarter since the Reaper Bones.

The Good:
1)      It’s Robotech Miniatures. Nuff said. They are doing some excellent details on the figures and keeping very close to the cannon. Plus at 1/285 they are scaling them to a reasonable size that makes the detail shine.
2)      Price. Right now the Battle Cry pledge of $140 puts the figures about just a tad less than $2 a figure, cheaper if you go Showdown for $260.

The Bad:
1)      Too many Add-On options. This is going to limit the purchase power and hurt the Kickstarter because when you overwhelm someone with too much they will get less.
2)      Prices were not well thought out. For Example: 3 Fighters was priced at $20 and then dropped to $15 as a goal. Simply, the fighters should have been $15 off the bat and the upgrade should have been for something else to excite the backers. Many things seem higher than other items of similar value and impact in the game I am sure they will try to push a few price drops in but it will be too late. I would like to note that is the only price drop upgrade they have done also. Not very consistent.
3)      They won’t make $1 million in goal. I would predict about $700-800k will be the peak with 10 days left which is sad as if they had a better backer reward strategy it would have worked in their favor with more money.  Add on items should have been the big stuff like the MAC, Power Armors and Super Veritechs for example and then left the other stuff to slowly feed into the pledge deals and as an add on if people wanted more.
4)      They started the Backer Rewards late. That should have been something else right out of box as that would have IMO generated more interest.
5)      Decals at 3500 backers. Maybe, but unlikely. Not Transfers? I am not impressed. I am a transfer’s kind of guy.

Overall, it hasn’t been a bad Kickstarter, but could have been done better. If you are on the fence it is well worth the time to throw your lot in and grab the goodies! The $140 Battle Cry is a deal and even if you don’t get anything else, you will walk away happy with your purchase.

Feel free to drop your thoughts and opinions!

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