Monday, May 20, 2013

Robotech Kickstarter: 13 Hours to go!

Just a mere 13 hours left until the Kickstarter ends! It has been a great ride and full of surprises despite some meh pledge goals between that I felt took the wind out of the sails. It passed what I expected to earn which is cool, I still think they could have made $2 million with the right approach but that is another story.

If you have not pledged, do so and join a great game and great looking minis!
If you have pledged, now is the time to strike to get the best deals!

My wife is very annoyed at me right now spending this money and feels we should spend that money to other things like debt. Still, life is short and it isn't all about being a slave to debt but enjoying life. I enjoy this hobby and I feel like I don't ask for much (at least from looking at other pledges and blogs). I am glad a co-worker was also pledging and made her feel better hearing I wasn't a crazy loon!

I went back and forth between Showdown and Battle Cry in the end while Showdown gives you a ton of models I want to get some of the upgrades instead to add variety more than just a load of minis and doubling up. So, I have went back to Battle Cry (the best deal IMO) and I have space to get a few upgrades to enjoy as well my MAC is back among other things!


  1. I hope you get loads of freebies in the Stretch Goals. Debt? What debt? Forget about it and paint!

    1. All in all the deal I am getting is good...the double up is nice but there is stuff in the add-ons I would rather have in the end.