Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Well, the Robotech Kickstarter is over and now we wait for the pledge manager to roll out and the long 6+ wait till December (or later if delayed) for our large box of goodies to arrive. Overall, it went well I think they could have rolled over $2 Million if they had done some stuff right, I was worried at first they was screwing over the whole KS with some bad calls like adding a single fighter and reducing the fighter price to $15 was not huge and then they put some crap in there that who really cares about?

I hope to perhaps scrape some extra cash by the due date as I would love to slip in a Monster (MAC II), Armored VT and Zentradi Infantry into the mix.

Still here is what the Showdown is going to arrive with:

  • 2 Art Prints (one I may frame for my office, the other I will sell)
  • 2 Rule Books (so I have a loaner now)
  • 2 Templates
  • 40 counters (20 Zen and 20 RDF)
  • 80 Color Cards for units lamented
  • 24 UEDF Dice
  • 24 Zentradi Dice
  • 18 Veritechs (can be build as A, J, R or S)
  • 48 Battle Pods
  • 4 Officer Pods
  • 8 Destroids (Tomahawk, Defender or mix)
  • 4 Spartans and 4 Phlanx  Destroids
  • Command Upgrade for Destroids
  • 4 Recon Pods
  • 2 Rick Hunters (KS exclusive)
  • 2 Roy Fokkers (KS exclusive)
  • 2 Kyrons (KS exclusive)
  • 8 Artillery Pods
  • 6 Gnerl Fighters
  • 2 Miriya (KS exclusive)
  • 6 Male Power Armor
  • 6 Female Power Armor w bonus experimental gear.
  • 4 Decal sheets (two each faction)
  • 4 Super Veritechs
  • 4 Lancer II’s
  • 4 Recovery Pods
  • 4 Ghost Fighters

I may end up selling the KS exclusives later hard to say if they will be so many out there they won’t be worth something or not until later.

Now the long wait begins! I know there are two other players near me in Tampa, I think there is one or two over towards Orlando I plan to link up with once the sets roll out.

Time to fly!


  1. This was a huge one and it is a long wait. But if they deliver on time just think what a great Christmas you'll have.

    1. I will be like a kid at Christmas!