Saturday, May 25, 2013

Super System3: Monkey Minions!

My good associate on Lead Adventure Forums Obsidian3d hooked me up with a boxed set of the Ape Gang made by Moongoose Publishing for their Judge Dredd Game. At first I wasn't sure then it hit me that I could use some ape minions for my super villain team known as ALF: Ape Liberation Front!

ALF is also a joke as the apes are from another world and thier ship crashed on Earth during an excape from thier own homeworld. Appaled by how primates was treated on this world by the hairless apes they organized and used their scientific know how to create weapons and super apes to strike out against the injustices against primates. For the most part they are not "evil" but they don't have the best interest in humanity in mind!

Along with Ape-X that is in the Reaper  Bones deal this will be the basis for the team and I figure I will add a few of the super apes from the Superfigs line, I know there are a few floating in the Pulp City line but just too dang expensive for me to affford right now.


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    1. Thanks, I am hoping that by July I can start to crank out some super heroes for a Supersystem 3 game in August.