Friday, May 17, 2013

Robotech Kickstarter heading in for a Landing! 3 Days to go!

By the time most of you read this it will be just a mere 2 days instead of 3 left on this  Kickstarter. It has been a long road and one with surprises. Ninja Division managed to pull out some stops and put some stuff out that drove the fans to push past the goals I thought they would hit but instead blew by them. I can say I was wrong and very pleased as it just means more stuff for the game. Not as many bolsters to the pledges as I would have liked but hey, I like free stuff!

Still, it isn't too late to up your pledge or jump in at the last minute. The Battle Cry and Showdown deals are huge in savings as you will NEVER get that price retail no matter what. I have decided to throw in for a Showdown to get the gobs of models in the deal at the expense of the MAC II or aka Monster mecha. I will just have to buy it later if I can. Maybe if I can scrape some cash I can boost my pledge after the KS to get it or just wait for it to hit the shelf when it goes retail. It really sucks to give it up but I am getting so much more to bolster the ranks that it would cancel out the other things I would have to worry about buying. Plus the extra rules allows me to give a loaner to a friend to read and lean to get people playing.


Think this is a bad deal? HELL NO! Tons of Minis and more on the way!

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