Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Crossover Miniatures Kickstarter - Back in Black!


Guys, gals and Super Heroes or Villains! Step up to the plate and grab some great miniatures that Rusti has thrown out for us to enjoy yet again!

If you don't know about Crossover Miniatures and you are  fan of miniatures and comics, then you need to check out this line of minis, amazing sculpts and the heads swap around so you can custom your heroes! I have all of the first set and now looking forward to the second wave!

That said, go by and check out the Kickstarter, it's not expensive....at least a hell of alot cheaper than other ones and you get some great minis and supports a great company/guy that is bringing us a next generation of miniatures from the pages of comics and our imagination!

Please pledge and enjoy! 

Oh and if you are curious if there are stretch goals, yes there are a few but Rusti does not like goals that make you pay more! Whew! But once a magic $ has been hit he will release 4 rewards over the the term of the Kickstarter! The first is a bonus Thug! Sweet!

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