Monday, May 20, 2013

Rally the Troops - Bolt Action Sunday Gaming at Darkside

I try to get the Bolt Action community together about once  a month at a store that is both easy to get to and supports the community. Brian has been working hard to carry stock for Bolt Action gaming among the other fine selection of games and comics he has at Darkside Comics.

Several players could not attend due to other things going on but we still had a strong showing of 5 players in total including myself as well as 7 others including 2 possible players and 5 others in various stages of getting into the game from one gent that just bought his rules to many of them developing their armies up to play.

We setup and divided up into groups and started to play. We welcomed anyone that popped by and chatted them up about the game, explained what was going on and answered any questions they may have.

It was a pretty exciting outing with one player that could not play but did talk to me about wearing their WW2 reenactment uniforms at the event and having some table decor of crates and netting for the judge table. I think this will be very cool for a first outing...maybe in the fall we can do this for Hurricon!

Here are some shots of the game:

Some of the guys hanging out talking.

The new table at the store, shaped up to be a nice looking town!

The other table, we added a bit more later. Mike was making these roads out of cork and a small strip of wood that is modular.

Hey is that a PAK40 in the doorway?

4Ground houses in the background and Mike's V2 Rocket also, a sweet find! I am having him grab one for me from the shop for June.

The game has begun! The Soviets attempt to capture 3 objectives defended by two brave German Generals. Another new guy and I teamed up 1k of Germans each to match Mike's Soviet mass'o'men and armor!

The Foker Wulf makes a strafing run!

Shot of the other table in the action.

The Puma and STUG work as a team to take care of any problem targets.

Mike runs the Soviets forward into the German lines.

This was a great game in all. It let Mike really try out the Soviet book and gave lots of experience to the new guy seeing how the game plays. Plus I was able to play with some of my new toys and my just painted Heer.

Overall the 251/16 was a beast, when I finally could pass an orders test to get it on the table. It burned down a HQ Officer and bodyguard, a pair of Medium Mortars and added a pin marker to the KV-2.

What got the KV-2 I just got for Mike? Was it the 251/16 nope, it helped. Was it the PAK40? Nope! It was a Pioneer squad with a flamethrower that I said the hell with it, walked up and hosed it with flaming liquid. With 3 pin markers on it the tank crew ran like hell!

Great moments was the Kaytusha firing a shot that lands a hit on a 6 on my officer and kills him and his adjunt! Gah! I did get revenge with the Nerbelwerfer firing on his ATG that went BOOM!

In the end when we called it, Mike had a tank on one objective that just blew up my 222 annoying it. The other two was being held by the Germans and was keeping the Soviets at bay.

This was my first game against the Soviet book and wow, it was brutal. Mike's Engineers with body armor giving them a 6+! Ouch!


  1. Sounds like a great game :)
    Flamethrowers are powerful in bolt action..... dont get burnd ;)

    1. I have two 251/16's and 3 flamethrowers between my FJ and Heer.